Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Festivals Review: Metaldays, Tolmin, Slovenia (july 25th to 29th 2016)

Metaldays – Tolmin, Slovenia (july 25th to 29th 2016)

Who remember the Metalcamp? then you already know the Metaldays. And for the 2016 edition, Quebec-Metal was there. Most of the European festivals are only in the week-end but not the Metaldays, this festival is on from the Monday to Friday, yeah you have read well, 5 days of pure metal on 2 stages and over 130 bands.

Tolmin is a small city not to far from the Italian border, the city is awesome and even if we got sometimes the barrier of the language, people are gentle with metalheads who came from all Europe area, France, Italia, Slovenia, Russia, Germany and even someone from Lebanon and naturally Quebec-Metal from Montreal, Canada.

But a sad things happen to us, the airline company, Air France have lost our luggage’s, and inside those luggage’s was our tent, sleeping bag, laptop and some photos equipment’s was needed to do our jobs there. So the first day we’ve got the chance to sleep at the Dom Soca in Tolmin, but after that everything was already booked for a room. We have to say a huge thanks to the Metaldays organisation who have try the best they can to helped us in this bad things, but we were forced after one day sleeping on the ground with the good view of the mountain, but without our equipment’s it was impossible to stay at the festival. So the first day we go back to Ljubljiana expecting the Air France will do something for us, but no so we have quit for the next step in our schedule waiting for our stuff, what we receive it 4 days later with a damaged luggage’s, shame on the airline company.

So without seeing the bands playing we will talk you about all the festival himself and also what is coming in 2017 for the fifth edition, first of all, just see the billing for the 2016 edition: Battlecross – Dark Funeral – Testament – Exodus – Nightmare – Fleshgod Apocalypse – Sacred Reich – Insomnium – Arkona – Marduk – Pro-Pain – Kreator – Delain – At The Gates and lots more…

Great view of Tolmin mountain, Slovenia
2 stages and easy to go on each other, 2 beachs, camping area, acces to the city’s bar and also convenient store, people who working on the festival are awesome and very professional and a great crowd who are there to have fun and watching great bands, this is the Metaldays. A unique festival that nobody’s can do the same all around the world, and believe Quebec-Metal. WE WILL BE THERE IN 2017 for the 5th edition and this time we will do things different’s, we mean, this time in our annual European festivals tour, we will do it with a car or a mini van so no more airline lost luggages believe us. Because all Canadian deserve to live once in their lives, what the Metaldays is.

So now you are asking what 2017 reserve to all metalheads. More unknown band on stage 2, yeah you will discover new bands what is a good thing, hot water shower, more food and more. And you know what? There are already some good bands announced for the 5th edition like Doro – Opeth – Xandria – Visions of Atlantis, Bloodbath, Hell and few more, so what you waiting for… Go buy you 2017 pass of daily tickets right now because I think we will have a year that we will remember for a long time.

Text by Alain Labonte
Collaborator: Martine Otis