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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Pre festival coverage: Rock Fest Barcelona

Each summer, all European metal festivals try to get the best line-up as possible, but i think for the summer 2018, the winner will be Rock Fest Barcelona. Have you ever seen in one week-end, this kind on line-up at the same place. The Rock Fest Barcelona have put everything to get the gold medal of the metal summer festivals. So you got no choice to go the the Parc de Cam Zan - Santa Coloma de Gramenet in Barcelona betwen july 5th to july 7th.

Just to begun, we will start with the smallest bands, but not the worst; Wolfheart - Unleashed the Archers - Tremonti - The Dead Daisies - Tankard - Ross the Boss - Panzer - Debler - Eclipse - Bourbon Kings - Born in Exile - Gigatron. it is a good start?

Now add on the bill, those bands who are well known like: Vixen - Tygers of Pang Tang - Stryper - Stratovarius - Phil Cambell & the Bastards Son - Mago de Oz - Lujuria - Lacuna Coil - Insomnium - Evergrey - Annihilator - H.e.a.t. - Dark Tranquility - Amaranthe - Dark Funeral - Axel Rudi Pell and Brainstorm. now i'm sure you are thinking avbout bying you week-end passes... But wait that's not enough. The Rock Fest Barcelona have accomplish more than that.

The huge gift to their fans are: Kiss - Ozzy Osbourne - Helloween - Scorpions - Judas Priest - Megadeth - Dimmu Borgir - Kataklysm - Accept - Dee Snider - Iced Earth.

All those band in one week-end festivals and some more cover bands. So now you got no choice to go directly buy your week-end tickets here: http://rockfestbarcelona.com/en/tickets/

You can see on the web site, all the information, how to goes to the festivals ground, buy bus or subway, and you can also seen where is the camping ground.

The full schedule should be online soon including the time where those bands will plays. so keep an eyes on the Facebook page or the official werbsite of the Rock Fest Barcelona

Rock Fest Barcelona: http://rockfestbarcelona.com/en/
Rock Fest Barcelona Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rockfestbcn/
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Quebec-Metal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/quebecmetalarchives/
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