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Friday, 1 May 2015

Interview with Night Demon by Alexandre Michaud

An interview with Jarvis Leatherby of Night Demon

April 2015

Hailing from Ventura, California, the heavy metal trio Night Demon came out with a bang in 2012 when they released their self-titled EP.  After touring non-stop  all over the world for two full years with such classic acts as Raven and Diamond Head, Night Demon finally put out it's very first album late last year; Curse Of The Damned.  An instant classic, Curse is a perfect example that old-school metal never dies! 
Night Demon will stop in Montreal for the very first time on May 22nd at Piranha Bar, downtown on Ste-Cat.  Do not miss.

The band has been touring Europe for the last few months.  How has it affected you guys and how did you adjust to life so far away from home?

Touring regularly has just become a part of our lives.  In reality, we spend more time on the road, than we do at home.  We feel it's essential to be a full time touring band, especially when in the heavy metal scene.  It's the best way to broaden your audience and build fans worldwide.  Europe has always been really great for us.  The audiences are very loyal and passionate about heavy metal.

How did Night Demon come together?  How did you guys meet and decided to form this band?

Really we were just three friends who grew up around each other in the local music scene of southern California. Unlike most of our peers, the three of us had a strong mutual love for the NWOBHM sound.  It was inevitable that we would end up playing together, someday.  Our goal was to make the best heavy metal EP we could.  We never initially set out to be a serious band, but as fate would have it, the world couldn't get enough of Night Demon, and it has allowed us to live out our childhood fantasies. 

You recently released your very first album; Curse Of The Damned.  You released a successful EP before that.  How was your experience in studio recording the first album?  Did you feel any pressure?

We did feel some pressure because the EP was so successful, but we just needed to relax and do what we do best.  We decided to record the album live in the studio without the use of headphones, or metronome tracks.  The goal was to keep the live feel and sound and truly represent the three of us as you would hear it every night on tour.  The only overdubs were some of the guitar solos and the vocals.  We also decided not to re-record any of the songs on the EP for the full length.  Most bands do this, but we felt that the EP really stands on its own as a legitimate release and is part of the Night Demon catalog.

Night Demon is a trio.  I’m always amazed by the distinctive sound of heavy metal trios.  Why did you guys decide to go for a trio instead of going for the usual four pieces?

Just out if necessity, really.  We were the only three guys who knew each other and had an interest in playing this style.  It was never planned to just be a three piece.  It has really been a blessing in disguise.  We have a very massive sound for three people and it has forced us to play better live, and create new innovative ways to play harmonies and such.

You had the opportunity to open for some pretty great bands over the years.  Which of these bands made the biggest impression on you?  Any good stories for us?

Definitely Diamond Head, Raven, and Angel Witch.  We played some of our first shows with Raven and became very good friends with them.  Since then we have done two European festival appearances with them, and a full 45 date U.S. tour.  There are so many stories we have about these guys and us, but too much to tell here.  This stuff will have to wait for the book.  HAHA!

Night Demon will be headlining a great evening of heavy metal on May 22nd at Piranha Bar on Ste-Catherine in Montreal.  Will this be your first time playing in Montreal?  What can people expect?

Yes this will be the first time for Night Demon in Montréal. I actually saw Slayer in Montréal in 2003, so i have seen the metalhead from the area. The fans can expect a very high energy show with some good production value. Who knows, you may even see our mascot "Rocky" come out on the stage!

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